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Chicco Feeding

Chicco feeding under Baby Feeding Accessories

    • 13% off! Chicco Mode Booster Seat

      Chicco Mode Booster Seat

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      The Chicco Mode Booster Seat is the ideal solution for toddlers who want to sit at the table and join in with their family during meals. It has 3 different height positions, it can be adjusted to suit different types of tables and adapt to your child’s growth. The adjustable and removable tray is also an ideal surface that toddlers can use when they cannot reach the table. The seat has a padded lining and trendy solid colour or geometric patterned prints. Safety tested and approved by the most authoritative European laboratories.

    • up to 13% off! Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat Green

      Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

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      $99.95 $87
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      The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is easy to use and adjust in height, Pocket Snack boasts a practical removable and adjustable tray. Utmost safety thanks to the 3-point safety belt and adjustable straps that anchor it universally to all chairs. The Pocket Snack Booster Seat is ideal from six months to three years of age.

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      Chicco Rapid Feeding Bottle Brush

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      $19.95 $17
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      The Chicco Rapid Feeding Bottle Brush cleans bottles and accessories. The handle has a small brush for teats and add-ons plus a clip for detaching the parts after sterilisation to make sure utmost cleanliness.

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      Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser

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      $49.95 $44
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      The Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser is Fast, Economic & Natural. Fits 3 regular; or 2 Primigiorni (shaped) bottles. Moulded interior makes sure efficient sterilization. Complete with tongs

    • 20% off! Chicco Feeding Bottle Drain Rack

      Chicco Feeding Bottle Drain Rack

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      $29.95 $24
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      The Chicco Feeding Bottle Drain Rack is the ideal answer for draining your baby's Feeding Bottles and Accessories after washing. Compact and practical, the Feeding Bottle Drain Rack can be put together simply and quickly by fitting the arms into the correct holes with light pressure. Pour any excess water in the feeding bottles into the sink and then insert the bottles onto the arms. When the feeding bottles are drained, the water collected in the feeding bottle drainer can simply be removed by lifting the upper part of the base.

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      Chicco Disposable Breast Pads

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      $14.95 $13
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      Chicco Disposable Breast Pads are unique because... Double absorbent antibacterial material. The soft & gentle outer layer has maximum airflow keeping the skin dry. Virtually invisible, the extra thin concave shape has elasticized sides with an effective adhesive strip.

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      Chicco Adjustable Breast Pump

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      $99.95 $87
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      The Chicco Adjustable Breast Pump provides you with maximum safety during the sensitive period of breastfeeding. The adjustment valve enables you to choose the suction intensity reproducing child's natural sucking rhythm. Makes sure ultimate gentleness, since it enables you to choose the proper suction intensity for the physiology your breast. The shaped breast cup with its specialized wavy design and the smooth silicone rubber membrane provides maximum comfort if in contact with your breast and smoothly mimics milk flow. The ergonomic handgrip allow enables you to get the milk gently and effortlessly. By fitting the ring and the natural latex teat (included) to the bottle, you'll a feeding bottle to feed the milk directly to the child.

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      Chicco Natural Latex Teats

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      $13.95 $9.97
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      Chicco Natural Latex Teats - by Chicco - Natural Latex Rubber. Closely mimics the natural breast nipple. Ribbed rings allow the teat to lengthen during feeding imitating the natural behaviour of a maternal nipple. Correct length similar to the maternal nipple, the teat stretches to twice its length during sucking. Large base, physiological shape closely resembles the natural shape of the maternal breast and supports baby?s lips during sucking. Anti hiccup valve regulates the flow of air into the bottle.

    • up to 35% off! Chicco Nature Glass Feeding Bottle 150ml

      Chicco Nature Glass Feeding Bottle

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      Nature Glass BPA Free Feeding Bottles - 150ml and 240ml Chicco's new line of BPA free feeding bottles provides mothers a healthy option. The new Chicco Nature Glass Bottles are made from natural glass which keeps heat longer. Manufacures from pure, natural glass that is completely free of Bisphenol A (BPA). Transparent, hygienic, with a longer heat retention and best for newborn babies. Matched with Chicco anti-colic physiological silicone teat. The Chicco Nature Glass Feeding Bottles Has a Chicco Silicone Teat Regular flow with their special Anticolic Valve!

    • up to 35% off! Chicco Evolution Feeding Bottles

      Chicco Evolution Feeding Bottles

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      Save Up to $7.95 OFF RRP!

      There are 2 models of the Chicco Evolution Feeding Bottles - BPA Free Feeding Bottles - one with a straight neck and one with an angled neck. Evolution BPA Free Feeding Bottle with straight neck - 150ml and 250ml The unique large shape of the bottle and the Physiological Anti-Colic Valve Teat assists to reduce the incidence of colic The gentle amber color with pearled ring cap and gilded packaging, provides this bottle a classy style